*Joshua #90 IF&AMM & O.E.S of Ga.

New BEGINNING, New ERA, & History in the making!!!


Joshua #90 was resurrected in May 12, 2006. The members of the Lodge recieved their Charter from P.G.M Donald Carey of Jeff Long Grand Lodge of Atlanta, Ga. the following members stated on the Charter are: Bro. Roderrique W. R. Curry W.M(Deceased).

Bro. Andrew Ramsey S.W(Deceased), Bro. Timothy Bennett J.W, Travarus Bivins Treasurer, Bro. Sims Johnson Sec., Bro. LaTroye Irvin S.D, Bro. Jason Jackson J.D, Bro. Keith Taylor Tyler.

In 2010, Joshua #90 went under new Leadership by Bro. Quentral Flecther as the new W.M. In the same year Bro. LaTroye Irvin became the W.M until present. with new Officers: Bro. Randell Johnson S.W, Bro. Joel Whyms J.W.

Our motto; New Beginning, New Era, & History in the Making.

We meet every 2nd & 4th Saturdays of the month at 7p.m.

Joint Council meets every 1st of the month.

Pilgrim #62 Chapter O.E.S meets every 2nd Saturday.

International F&AMM was borned in July 1950, by Dr. William Venoid Banks with a host of others. In Detroit, Michigan during the month of Aug. 1950, International F&A.M.M was incorporated and Chartered.This American Charter enpowered International Masons the same rights as those charters issued direct from the Grand Lodge of England, grand Orient of France and etc.


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W.M. LaTroye Irvin

J.W. Joel D. Whyms

S.W. Randall Johnson

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